Web Design for All Levels

Web design was once seen as the preserve of those who had studied it for several years, perhaps having appropriate qualifications and in-depth knowledge of the subject. However, today, it is a much simpler process and can be attempted by anyone with any level of skill. The key areas to be aware of are the layout, the colour scheme, the readability Of the site, being mobile-friendly and having relevant media. Many web building programs have drag and drop features which are easy to use. It is no longer necessary to know how to code, although the use of HTML and CSS can enhance the web design.

Colour scheme and typography in web design

27 Apr 2020

Although a site’s colours and font are the first thing that a visitor notices, it’s very easy for beginners to get these wrong. This is because newbies tend to go for their favourite colour schemes and fonts without really thinking how these would look when applied across a whole site and without considering whether these are the right match for the product or service they’re trying to sell.

Tips on colours and fonts

The best tip we can share is to choose a colour scheme that is easy on the eyes, and which does not create the impression of too much clutter. We like to stick to two to three colours across the site, and maintain consistency across all pages. Nowadays, it is very popular to have a predominantly white background, especially when there is a lot of text involved, and to contrast this background with a more prominent colour in the menu and other design blocks (you can see an example of this as applied by an online casino site by clicking here).

The same goes for the typography. First of all you should use fonts that are very easy to read, such as sans-serif fonts like Arial and Helvetica. Then you should make sure to assign the same font to each design element. For example, if you use buttons, you should make sure that all the text on your site’s buttons is of the same font and size. This will also serve to give your site a professional look and feel. In the world of online marketing, first impressions count a great deal!

Study Web Design

1 Mar 2020

The process of web design is no longer as complex as it used to be. In-depth knowledge of coding is not required, and there are countless online courses available. A variety of easy to use templates ensures a site can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

The Key Principles of Web Design

6 Feb 2020

Although web design is relatively simple these days, there are still some principles to adhere to for the best result. The layout is vital, with an easy to use menu and clear navigation, with a clean, uncluttered interface. A small color palette should be used for less distraction.

Mobile-Friendly Matters

9 Jan 2020

Although web design can be undertaken by just about anybody, novices to the business may not realise that websites now have to be mobile-friendly, with this being the device of choice for searches. What looks impressive when viewed on a desktop PC or laptop, may not have the same appeal on a smaller mobile screen.